“The Opportune Time”

Having a challenging day? Circumstances got you mentally tied up? Is your flesh feeling fatigued, used and abused? Just to encourage you, Jesus also had days that tried to challenge Him. His daily activities worked to overwhelm Him and in the garden of Gethsemane, He had to overcome His flesh through submission. Thank God He did though; His triumph has become our life and victory!

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“Don’t Flinch”

Not sure if everyone played this game, but growing up Two for Flinching was one we played often. The idea of the game is to get your opponent to flinch by faking a punch. If they flinched, you gave them two hits to the shoulder. The only way to stop the game was to become so poised that when your opponent would try to get you to flinch you would just stand there looking them in the eye as to say, “What else you got? I’m not moving.” If you mastered the resistance by not flinching, you gave them two hits instead.

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“Get Bold!”

I remember working at a landscaping store in Tulsa, Ok where I had a variety of duties that included loading mulch, arranging plants and anything else that was needed in the retail portion of the business.

One winter afternoon I was given the job of repairing the wheels on a rolling ladder used for stocking an assortment of pots and garden products. As I worked on the ladder, I realized that I was unable to loosen the bolts on one of the wheels as it had been seized by rust. I walked back over to the main retail store, approached one of my managers and began to inform him that I needed assistance.

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I woke up the other morning with these words rolling around in my heart. I heard, “My help comes from the Lord.” Not knowing where it was located in scripture, I walked straight into my study to pinpoint it. I want you to read the following words with expectation of insight and revelation, as I believe it is a word in season for your life and situation.

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“Your Covenant Connection”

There was a time when you could shake someone’s hand and say, “My word is my bond” and there was no doubt that the promise of whatever was spoken would be fulfilled. As you and I both know, those times have long come and gone.

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“Made Rich”

In the last few weeks, my time has been spent looking, negotiating and talking to car salesmen for a much-needed vehicle, as we were forced to lay our Honda Element to rest after her eight faithful years of service to our family. Having not car shopped in almost a decade, it amazed me how much time is consumed to find and acquire a quality, lightly used and dependable automobile. In all honesty, it was exhausting. I kept singing the worship song by Covenant Worship, “I’m never going back, I’m never going back!”

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“It’s Time”

If there is one thing we have all faced, at one time or another, it’s waiting on our desires to come to pass. No one likes to wait. I mean, we even make jokes like, “Lord give me patience and give it to me now!” The world in which we live saturates our soul with advertisements that feed the desire for instant gratification and results that we all crave. It’s hard to think of life without a microwave, or fast food. No judgment here, believe me, with two kids I am grateful! Yet this instant life that we live naturally leaks over into our hearts and begins to weaken our expectation when there is resistance to the promises of God. The word the Lord has placed in my heart for you this month is, it’s time for fulfillment!

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“Our Next Step”

While traveling on the road to Caesarea Philippi, Jesus strikes up a conversation with His disciples by asking them two very important questions. The first, “Who do men say that I am?” and the second, “Who do you say that I am?” A religious mindset will question God’s accomplished will, while blindly searching for answers. Peter on the other hand, by the Spirit of God, pulls back the curtain on the CHURCH AGE. “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

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“Entering In”

What is it called when you never see a certain car, but after you purchase a specific model they’re everywhere? Bermuda Triangle? Kidding, but the word “believe” has been just that for me. I see it over and over in scripture and it seems to jump off the page every time.

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“The Best For Last”

Happy New Year! Mandy and I want to say how blessed we are to have such amazing partners and friends, like you, who have joined us in the effort to impart, establish and encourage the body of Christ without hesitation or reservation. Together we are stronger, seeing countless lives touched by the saving power of Jesus Christ. 2017 was a successful year and to you we say, “Thank You.” To 2018 we say, “Let’s go!”

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“Your Best Year Yet”

I was attending a local ministers’ meeting last year where in a time of fellowship I heard different individuals say, “Man, I’m glad 2016 is over, it was a tough year.” This struck me strange for some reason. Just recently I was scrolling through a social media site and saw a post with the same statement concerning 2017, “Glad this year is almost over, I’m done with it.”

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“Obedience Through Revelation”

My brother Dylan and I attended a Christian school growing up in Columbus Georgia. There, on chapel day, we would sing a song I have never been able to forget. It went like this, “O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E obedience is the very best way to show that you believe.” There’s truth in these words and I believe that when they are understood in light of our redemption and right standing with the Father we find ourselves in the position to see the fulfillment of all that we have been standing for.

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“Hearing and Humility”

From a very young age I remember my parents saying, “Dustin, we will speak to you in a normal tone of voice and we expect you to listen and obey, for when you get older and your submission transfers from us to God, His voice will be heard in the same way.” This, as I have learned, was not only wise but also full of truth. The practice of hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord is the greatest gift my parents have ever given me.

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“Called to Comfort”

Your heart, if allowed, can become overwhelmed and filled with distress by the news and social media that is presented daily dominated with chaos and tragedy. For some it’s an unexpected catastrophe, for others it’s just another scoop of trouble that is laid on top of their already disturbed life. If there was ever a need for a Spirit-filled, led and empowered body of Christ, it’s now!

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“The Importance of Proximity”

With Autumn just around the corner and expectations of cooler weather, plans of camping and warming oneself by the campfire while roasting marshmallows can’t seem to get here quickly enough. So many life lessons and times of laughter have been had while sitting by the fire and sharing life moments with the closest of friends.

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“Here’s Your Healing”

For some time now I have known that this letter for July was to be about your healing or the healing of someone you are standing in faith for. I want to encourage you to set your heart in agreement with me, to believe what you see from God’s word as yours. You might not feel healed or even look healed. You might have been standing for your healing for days, months or even years, but don’t allow the hands of the clock to speak louder than God’s word. Today is your day of salvation; complete healing is yours, NOW!

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“Free Admission”

In the month of May, I had the honored privilege of speaking to a group for several weeks on the authority that we possess as the body of Christ. During this time I was filled with such an interest over what the Spirit was showing me that I have since continued to meditate on it.

When dealing with the gospel of the kingdom there is one word that always stands out—give. There is no taking or subtracting within the kingdom of God; that is the devil’s doing as we have all seen and in some way experienced. The enemy is relentless in trespassing on purchased and declared righteous territory.

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“Hearing the Heavenly Voice”

For most of us, truly hearing what others are saying does not come easy. While others are giving their point of view and perspective, we are gathering our thoughts and preparing to drop our nuggets of wisdom the moment they take a breath. It’s as though we are saying, “I see your lips moving but my thoughts and opinion on the issue are more important and I cannot wait to share them.”

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“Practicing His Presence” – Part 2

My son Ezra Mack continues to develop great eye-hand coordination as well as balance. He’s grown out of the baby stage for sure and into an active and adventurous toddler. Having my office located in the garage of our home presents the challenge of keeping Ezra from venturing into the area. The doorknob no longer creates a hindrance, but is simply turned and the door opened. Ezra will boldly walk in saying, “Hi Dada!” No matter what I’m doing whether it’s praying, studying, on a phone call or doing administration items, Ezra’s brash entrance always puts a smile on my face.

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“Practicing His Presence” – Part 1

There in my hotel room in Galveston, Texas I was worshipping and getting my heart ready for the Sunday morning service. In those early morning hours, the Lord began speaking to me about prayer. This was not exactly the subject that I had prepared for, but it was so strong I couldn’t help but to begin writing down some of the thoughts He was placing in my heart.

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“Through Wisdom”

I quickly learned that Martin Ministries International (MMI) was going to be built on and by the Word of God only. God reminded me daily that the fear of human opinion disables, but if I would trust in Him I would be secure. (Proverbs 29:25). Trusting in God’s word and those He had spoken to my heart were to be absolutely relied on with no hesitation or wonder. The Lord would say, “Dustin we don’t wonder, we know!” This preparation was the groundwork that instilled in me the bold confidence that with God nothing was impossible.

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“Your Year of Fulfillment”

Welcome to 2017! Goals have been set and plans made, so let’s achieve more this year and stop at nothing to see the Kingdom of God built and lives forever changed by God’s glory!

As we march into this new year with great expectations and dreams, let’s do so with great confidence and absolute trust in God. Really, let’s determine in our hearts that this year will be one that knows no indecision or fear and that every word we declare will only be those that parallel God’s word. Let our anthem be as Joshua’s and Caleb’s in the face of doubt and skepticism as we boldly declare, “Let us go up at once and take possession!”

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“The Faithful”

Mandy and I want to wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We pray that your 2016 has been full of God’s favor and exuberant blessing. We believe that 2017 will only build upon what God has done as He continues to fulfill His word in your lives.

In preparation for this letter the Lord brought a set of verses to my attention that I felt was nothing less than an exceptional way to end this series of thoughts on God’s love. I pray that as you received them, the light of the Father’s love and its effect on you built each month and established your heart in its truth.

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“The Turn Around”

I am so excited about this month’s letter, as I have been mulling over it for weeks and know it’s going to bless you. First though, Mandy and I want to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving! We pray that this time with friends and family is filled with laughter and joy as you remember the fullness that God has brought to you this year.

We have all faced moments in life that leave us looking for a way out, longing for a change of events. Thoughts like, “Can it get any worse?” plague our minds as these events try our trust in the Word of God that we have come to believe and live by.

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“The More Perfect Way”

Fear of failing grips the hearts of so many. Too many have never taken the steps that God has placed in their hearts because the picture of fatal failure is clearer than the surety of success that the Father has destined them to live.

The words spoken by God are to be completely relied upon, as they are spoken from His divine character of love. We must commit to memory the words from Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor the son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”

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“Silent Satisfaction”

As I have embarked on this journey of studying and meditating on the love of God I find myself in a place that truly is beyond the natural mind’s understanding (Eph. 3:19). A room, if you will with no walls — no beginning and no end, a love that knows no limits. By faith I continue to grow in God’s love and pray that these letters have encouraged the same for each of you, and yet I sense we have only scratched the surface of what is to be known and experienced.

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“Good Old Gully Washer”

Here in Texas, God’s country, we are known for gully washers. A gully washer is simply a torrential rain that causes ditches to overflow creating flash floods on streets and roadways. They have also been known as a downpour, a cloudburst, a turtle floater, a duck drowner or even a toad strangler! Whatever the name given for a heavy rain the idea is the same. There’s no container able to hold the amount of rain that is dropped in such a short amount of time. It runs everywhere and literally floods the area.

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“Working Together”

Have you ever been working on a project and found yourself with a drill or hammer in one hand and a curtain rod or shelf in the other all the while balancing on a ladder as you think to yourself, “I could use a little help here!” Or “Can I get a second hand please?” I know for myself this is a common occurrence when trying to hang or build anything as it’s not my expertise, but God always places those friends nearby that are quick to respond.

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“Transitioning Trust”

 In life we all have an inherent desire to build, create, and be successful, some more than others, but all the same it’s there. As our culture evolves with technology we have unconsciously become more determined to fulfill this desire of accomplishment by finding ways to do more in less time. You could say we have become addicted to the rush and demand of success.

“I Got You Covered”

The year was 1990 and I was 13 years old. Charles, a good friend of mine, and I had decided to go camping at Pine Mountain in Columbus, Ga. We had my parents drop us off early so we could spend some time hiking. As night began to fall we made our way to a campsite so we could set up our hammocks under the stars. The weather had other ideas as a storm began to blow in and the thunder started to rumble.

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“Defined By Truth”

In the movie The Princes Bride, Vizzini keeps using the word “inconceivable” concerning the possibility that Westley, also known as the Dread Pirate Roberts, could catch up with himself, Inigo Montoya, the giant Fezzik, and Buttercup as they flee from him. After all efforts Westley still gained on them to which Inigo Montoya says to Vizzini, “That word, you keep saying it. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

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“Knowing #NoLimits

I want to summarize the last two months before we continue with our study on God’s love. We’ve made mention of the priority of love by knowing the author of love, God. Intimacy with the Father is not just a push for Bible devotions and extended prayer times but is the key to unlocking the knowledge of His plan for our lives. We also settled the fact that love must be our foundation, our point of growth

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“Foundation Of Love”

Foundations. You can’t build without them and a structure will not be kept solid with one that is weak and cracking from the elements. Homeowners east of Interstate 35 here in New Braunfels, TX know much about this type of situation. It’s common to drive through neighborhoods and see several houses with foundation crews digging around the house placing supports under shifting and uneven areas.

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“The Priority of Love”

Happy New Year! 2016 has officially started and is off to a grand start. To kick off this first letter of 2016 I want to share a few things that the Lord has been speaking to me about. I want to bring these words and thoughts to light and pray that they cause us all to draw closer to our heavenly Father as we continue to grow into the fullness of all that He has for our lives.

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“What Do You Believe?

Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy New Year!

There is a force, a power that lies within what we believe. A great Christmas movie to enjoy during this holiday season is the movie “Elf.” After all the silliness and syrup drinking chaos the moral of the story is that the only way Santa’s sled can fly again is by the power of those who believe in Santa. Although we know (spoiler alert) Santa Claus is not real, what we believe empowers our desires and manifests them in our lives.

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“It’s Happening!”

About a month ago during a time of frustration, I called one of my long time mentors and became very transparent with him giving him the right to instruct and correct. The conversation was divinely directed as it nailed the problem and brought peace. In light of this, I want to share a piece of wisdom that he gave me: “Dustin, don’t be unthankful, be intentional about expecting and looking for Gods assistance.”

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I have always been amazed at footage of people of all ages screaming and crying over a chart topping musical artist. It’s not that I don’t appreciate their talents I just don’t understand the emotional eruptions that seem to overtake individuals placing them into a hysterical mess; then again, I never met any of these type of artists so who knows. In all seriousness the awe that is given from emotion, I believe, is misplaced worship and reverence that is due our Lord as we seek the knowledge of His greatness.

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“Trust’s Momentum”

Some of my most favorite childhood memories are of when my father took my brother and me to Pine Mountain in Columbus, Georgia with some Army Rangers and other friends to rappel down the side of a 100-foot cliff and off a bridge. Wow, what adventurous times those were. I can remember Sargent Andy yelling at us, “Lean back and trust the rope, it’ll hold you, I promise!” Placing all anxiety and fear of falling out of my mind, I would begin to lean back and allow the rope to support me.

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“Do You Trust Me?”

Before writing this letter, the Lord had been speaking to me about the topic of trust and for me to encourage you about the topic. For at least the next two months, I want to do exactly that and help you obtain a deeper understanding of biblical trust.

Movie quotes always seem to spark sermon ideas and assist in emphasize the thoughts that I want to illustrate concerning God’s wonderful plan and future He has for our lives.

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“Being Secure and Fearless”

Have you ever felt insecure? I know I have. Insecurity, which produces fear, is nothing more than believing your current position and place is fragile, and unable to consistently support you.

Adam and Eve first felt the effects of insecurity when the devil deceived them into believing that their place in God’s care was insufficient and inadequate, resulting in a life of fear.

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“Living Protected”

As we approach the presidential elections in 2016, the possible changes of tomorrow and the always impending dangers of political decisions fill the air. The weather doesn’t seem to be helping the already uneasy hearts of Americans either as earthquakes and flooding continue to move our nation, not to mention the wars that threaten our freedom. We are truly living in the last of the last days, but be of good cheer and fear not!

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“All Things Are Yours”

After spending some time in prayer, Jesus was asked by one of His disciples to teach them how to pray. Jesus responded with what we know today as the Lord’s Prayer. In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus concluded the model prayer with a powerful declaration.

Matthew 6:13b For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

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“Understanding Son-ship”

The older I get the clearer it becomes that I am the son of my father. I hear his tone of voice in the way I speak and respond more and more every day. I can only imagine this awareness becoming more real as I step into fatherhood. We are made in the likeness of our parents; we have their makeup inherent in us.

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“Why Fear God?”

In my morning time with the Father today, random thoughts on the fear of the Lord started swarming my mind. I jump and grabbed John Bevere’s book The Fear of The Lord and began thumbing through it.  As I did it stir my heart, so I began praying when inspiration came to write. So, here’s what I wrote in answering the question, why do we fear God?

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“What Mercy Demands”

Oral Roberts was a true general in the body of Christ yet received much criticism for his bold proclamation of faith which still stands as his legacy, “Something good is going to happen to you today!” It always amazes me that people will fight for their right to be miserable, expecting life to hand them a heaping scoop of defeat.

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“Ministry Update 2015”


In late August Mandy and I are expecting our first baby. We are so excited and cannot wait to meet our new addition to the Martin family.

Winter and Spring Schedule:

  • Victory Fellowship / Fredericksburg, TX / February 4 and 5

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Proverbs 1 “Listen”

The book of Proverbs starts off with some important information that is vital to us all. In Solomon’s letter to his children he writes of the importance of knowing, perceiving and receiving the instruction of wisdom. If I had to summarize the first chapter of this book in one word it would be, “listen.”

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“The Line Leader”

As a second grader at Valley Assembly of God Christian School, nothing was more coveted and sought after by fellow students than to be the line leader. My mother was a volunteer class assistant and she helped the teacher line up the students for bathroom breaks and lunchtime. She would tell us to slowly and calmly walk to the door to line up. Most of the time students would shove and push their way to the front. I remember the day after minutes of struggle everyone finally settled into their forced position and my mother said, “Okay, now everyone turn around.” The one that was last became first. Lining up took on a completely new meaning as it was now a fight to see who would be last for we never knew when Mrs. Martin was going to flip the switch and change everything.

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In 1999 Pastors Jim and Jan Schmitt began pioneering a local church in Limerick Ireland. Naming the church World Outreach Christian Centre (WOCC) proved to be a great leading of the Holy Spirit as Ireland had strict policies affecting foreigners working and living in the country. After joining the European Union, Ireland become home to many from all over the world bringing WOCC’s name to life and proving its purpose.

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“Exposing Fear”

In a time where fear is given great attention and even celebrated, we must learn to safeguard our hearts from its aggressive grip. To establish our hearts against such a squeeze we must come to the place of receiving the love, power and wisdom of God manifested in Jesus.

The Psalmist said it this way concerning the righteous:

Psalms 112:7-8 He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. His heart is established; He will not be afraid, until he sees his desires upon his enemies.  

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