Through the joy of ministering the gospel and flow of the Holy Spirit, we are honored as Paul said to “impart to you some spiritual gift” knowing that through this, people’s lives will be positioned to overcome any obstacle of the enemy.  We also understand the power of words and use every opportunity to impart grace to those who have ears to hear.


Motivating believers to fix their hearts in Christ as we define a clear definition of their righteousness in Him. By the Word of God their hearts will become fearless as they stand in the face of every report of terror being unmoved and filled with bold authority. 


We’re making hearts glad with a good word. We believe in building believers that have strong spirits and that reign in life as they assist others in the same.  The word of faith, which we preach, is the exact remedy that accomplishes the desired results in every area of life, and bringing salvation and healing.  We are not crushed, in despair, forsaken or destroyed, but are always lead into triumph in Christ Jesus our Lord.