Dustin Martin

Dustin Martin is becoming a recognized national and international known speaker and author. His call is to awaken the spiritual condition of the people by imparting some spiritual gift and establishing position through the preaching of the Word of God restoring assurance and confidence. Through this faith is encouraged and believers activated to build the Kingdom of God through the local church.


Bethel Church

July 13 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Miracle Christian Center

May 17 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm



There’s a new line of instruction that is available to eager and hungry learners that comes from individuals who have given time, attention, and energy to a specific field or practice earning them the right to provide valuable content called Master Classes. These classes provide years of knowledge, gathered through trial and error, at a fraction of the cost and time. […]

How are you doing? Really, how’s your soul? Times like these tend to prod into areas of our being that we were unaware lacked stability and strength. No matter the current condition, please know you are not alone or without support. Mandy and I are here for you, praying and believing God’s favor, protection and supply for you and all that concerns your life and [...]

Dear Partners,    As I stood in line at the Post Office waiting patiently with about 15 others for the single attendant working, I was reminded of the significance of the Hebrew meaning of the number 20. Twenty paints the image of something being complete, or the perfecting and completion of a waiting period. In other words, all has been fulfilled and it is TIME!  [...]

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